MC105 Lifts Stage 3 of the Drought Contingency Plan and Initiates Stage 2

No automatic irrigation systems while on water restrictions.

Hand-held hose watering only. You can water with the hose on Sundays and Thursdays if you have an even address number. You can water with the hose on Saturdays and Wednesdays if you have an odd address number.

No watering can be done between high demand hours which is 6am to 10am and 6pm to 12am. We understand it’s not ideal, but it puts a big strain on the system when everyone is watering during peak water usage hours.

We are navigating the well repair as quickly as possible. This is our priority, and all hands are on deck.

Stage 3 Restrictions Remain in Effect

Current Status:

  • Well Pump remains out of service at the Water Plant.
    • Work continues to bring the Well back online (Initial estimate of 1 week stands for now, though this is subject to change)
  • Two emergency interconnects are providing the district with water
    • This currently meets our needs and is being monitored
  • Stage 3 Mandatory Water Restrictions remain in place until further notice
    • This is to preserve the water system; outdoor watering could cause us to draw more water than the interconnects can provide
  • The district has no current plans to levy any surcharges (200% for amounts over 10,000 gallons used stated in the Drought Contingency Plan)
  • An insurance claim has been started and we don’t currently see any impact to customer water bills or tax rates
  • Notifications have been made to Conroe ISD and South Montgomery County Fire Department.
  • Additional alerts will be sent out reminding users of the water restrictions
  • Updates will be provided as they become available regarding restoration of service from the Well
  • Please feel free to email with any questions

Mandatory Water Restrictions Enforced at Woodson’s Reserve Amid Emergency Repairs

MANDATORY water restrictions are in effect for Woodson’s Reserve until further notice.  Outdoor water use is strictly prohibited, as we have a limited water supply during the emergency well repair.  We will issue an advisory once the restrictions are lifted.

Please make sure your irrigation systems are off.  Your full cooperation and understanding during this emergency condition is appreciated.