Stage 3 Restrictions Remain in Effect

Current Status:

  • Well Pump remains out of service at the Water Plant.
    • Work continues to bring the Well back online (Initial estimate of 1 week stands for now, though this is subject to change)
  • Two emergency interconnects are providing the district with water
    • This currently meets our needs and is being monitored
  • Stage 3 Mandatory Water Restrictions remain in place until further notice
    • This is to preserve the water system; outdoor watering could cause us to draw more water than the interconnects can provide
  • The district has no current plans to levy any surcharges (200% for amounts over 10,000 gallons used stated in the Drought Contingency Plan)
  • An insurance claim has been started and we don’t currently see any impact to customer water bills or tax rates
  • Notifications have been made to Conroe ISD and South Montgomery County Fire Department.
  • Additional alerts will be sent out reminding users of the water restrictions
  • Updates will be provided as they become available regarding restoration of service from the Well
  • Please feel free to email with any questions